Thursday 26 January 2012

Rock Star Genealogists

You may have noticed the latest craze going round the Internet, namely, voting for your favourite 'Rock Star Genealogists'. All to do with informally honouring the best and most effective speakers and writers of the family history world. Wonder what the heck I'm on about? See organiser John Reid's explanatory blog post here. And you need to vote NOW, as the deadline is Saturday.

Saturday (28th) also sees the National Library of Wales' Open Day. Looks like an utterly brilliant occasion - full details can be found here.

A few days ago the latest issue of the FFHS's e-Zine was published. Most of the stories have already been mentioned on this blog, but it is still definitely worth a look - check it out here.

'Ancestral Tourism' is a phrase which has crept into everyday speech of late, and here's some advance notice of an event devoted to the topic at Inverurie on 15th March.

Whilst in Scotland I'll remind you of the weekly updates from Electric Scotland - we've a couple of weeks to catch up on, with another instalment due soon by the looks of it.

Dublin is having a knees-up at the weekend, I see. And it seems there'll be a genealogical presence there, too - see here.

Some lovely photographs of Ireland can be found here (thanks to FMP Ireland's Facebook page). Even if you've no connections to the place, I'm sure you'll love 'em.

Issue 24 of Your Family History Magazine is now available.

... And the latest issue of the WDYTYA? Magazine is also on the market. are offering 20% off their subscriptions until the end of January.

And here's some stuff from Twitter:

These look handy...
One Stop Website CDs from My-History 
(click below)

All the following taken from the baptismal register of Middleton, Norfolk:
14th June 1818 - Jane, illeg. dau. of John Bartell & Sarah Farrer, Farmer & Concubine;
18th Oct 1818 - Mary Ann, illeg. dau. of Mary Dixon, Whore;
23rd Jan 1820 - Sarah, illeg. dau. of Teddy "The Grinder" & Sarah Forster, Whore & Man-Trap.
- more from the Rev Wood tomorrow.

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