Wednesday 4 January 2012

Famous Old Photos


Was delighted to see these old photographs on the MyHeritage blog. I've seen them from time to time over the years, but always a joy to see them again - aren't they great? Makes me wonder why my lot didn't start taking pics of themselves until the 1920s.

I found another Christmas article this morning which is worth passing on, I think. It's from the Irish Times website and concerns a 100-year-old letter to Santa - see here. What an amazing survival!


Still awfully quiet on the news front...

The January programme at Belfast's Linen Hall Library can be found here.

There's a book sale at The National Archives Bookshop - and there really are some cheap 'uns on offer, too!

On the subject of books, see what's coming onto the market soon thanks to this post from John Reid. Lots of North American stuff in there, but interesting all the same.

Scottish Monumental Inscriptions have released a few new CDs - see here (and click on 'News').

And if you're an Ancestry customer then you'll want to read this post about the new print facility on the Image Viewer.

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