Friday 6 January 2012

In Vision and Sound


OK, so it's not exactly riveting viewing, but some brave soul ventured onto the roof of the National Library of Wales yesterday to capture this footage of bit of the roof blowing around in the gale force winds. The emergency soon passed, though, and it seems that no serious damage was done to the building nor its contents (see also here).

There's more video viewing to be found of Irish rural life in the 1930s at YouTube, here. Rose-tinted specs and all that, of course. Also worth having a look at the related videos down the right-hand side.

Something to listen to, now, in the shape of a Podcast from The National Archives - and the extraordinary story of one of Queen Victoria's favourites, Duleep Singh.

The latest issue of Your Family History is now on sale - see here.

Pen & Sword Books have launched their January sale.

And don't forget that are still offering 10% off all new subscriptions during January - just use the code NEWYEAR12 when signing up for a package.


Several sources have mentioned forthcoming developments at - the website of 'Defence Forces Ireland'. About the best description of what is afoot can be found at Chris Paton's British GENES blog, here.


I suspect the strange story of the twins born five years apart will not be quite so unusual in the future, but it still makes interesting reading in the present.

And The Family Recorder blog has an important lesson about swotting up on your geography - or at least not jumping to hasty conclusions due to your ignorance!


TV & radio for the week ahead can be found here.

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