Monday 16 January 2012

A Few Articles for You


It's a quiet start on the news front this week, so we’ll entertain ourselves with a few articles.

The eternal question of which of the major genealogical subscription websites to sign up to perplexes many a new-starter in this hobby of ours. The Family Recorder blog has a stab at providing a bit of guidance on the subject, here.

I’ve been quite taken by the Two Nerdy History Girls blog since discovering it a few days ago. Once a week they provide us with a neat listing of recently-spotted articles - mainly stuff picked up on Twitter. The 'Nerdy' pair themselves are US-based, but the content of the blog has lashings of British material. The latest weekly instalment of article links can be found here. And I'm sure you'll find the piece on 'The Fine Art of Walking' entertaining, too.

'Malthus and the Seven Billion' provides an interesting angle on population studies, and leaves the reader wanting to learn more about the chap in question. 

And it is always worth checking out the GenealogyInTime feature 'Newest Genealogy Records on the Internet' from time to time.


Claire Santry brings us another update to the Ireland Genealogy Project Archives.

And those within striking distance of London may wish to consider what the British Library has on offer over the coming weeks, here.


A new-ish website for researchers in the East of England has popped up in the shape of the 'East Anglian Film Archive'. Follow the link from Chris Paton's helpful blog post, here.

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