Wednesday 11 January 2012

News from ALL Five Nations!


Unusually, today we have news from all five major 'nations' of the British Isles...

The biggest announcement of the day is probably Ancestry's release of 130-year's worth of London electoral registers, 1835-1965 - a whopping great resource by the sounds of it, though I've not yet investigated it myself. Have a look at the story here.

Ancestry has also released a new batch of records for Kent, namely, the Tyler Index to Wills, 1460-1882 - see Ancestry's updates page.

And, lastly from England, there's this news story about the threat to the future of the Wedgwood Museum & Archive in Staffordshire.

News of a forthcoming Open Day at the National Library of Wales can be found here. Note that some sources are giving the date as 29th January - but surely the library's website itself can be trusted with the correct date, namely, Saturday 28th January. Not sure if the talks have to be booked.

Electric Scotland has issued another update - follow the relevant link from here.

There are genealogy courses available on both sides of the border in Ireland - see Claire Santry's blog entry on the topic.

We're off to the US now for a useful video presentation by FamilySearch regarding search methods which may be employed when using their website. A neat lesson in lateral thinking which could come in handy when using other databases and websites.


We return to Ireland for an article from the Irish Echo (via the CIGO website) about the campaign for the early release of the 1926 Irish Census - with plenty of background info, too.

And FindMyPast Ireland has a piece on Irish Marriage License Bonds.

On a slightly grander scale, we have another media rumour about Henry VIII and the identity of who should have been the 'real Queen Elizabeth I'.


The WDYTYA? Magazine website has a media update, including a chance for you to appear on TV.

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