Tuesday 27 December 2011

Lost Cousins' Xmas Special


Peter Calver, the guy behind Lost Cousins, has released his latest newsletter. See the result here - mainly Census debate, info and opinion, plus a bit on the recent GRO controversy. All very interesting - and of course there's plenty of other stuff in there as regards special offers and opportunities to save a few quid by various ways and means.

Irish researchers may wish to dip their feet in the Eneclann Winter Sale, where most of the goods seem to be on offer at 50% off! The best place to start would appear to be here, and then start browsing... (runs until 8th January).

If you're regularly on the phone to the GRO, then you will want to make a note of their new telephone number. From 5th January 2012 the existing number (0845 6037788) will be replaced by 0300 1231837.  Apparently, 0300 numbers are non-geographic and are specially designated for use by public bodies and not-for-profit organisations - but they are not free and should not be confused with 0800 numbers (or so the GRO say). Note that this number should be used (from 5th Jan) for enquiries about, or ordering, BMD certificates for England/Wales).

Electric Scotland has, I think, issued TWO newsletters/updates since I last mentioned them. Check out this link to access their list of weekly efforts (I should imagine another one will be due at the back end of this week, too).

A couple of news items from Chris Paton's 'British GENES' blog now. Many of you will be delighted to learn of the return of the Lost Edinburgh Facebook page - see this blog entry; and then there's a competition to win a copy of Chris's book (it's a 'rare' one, so have a look!).

And, finally, what about forthcoming events? Well, just a couple of book fairs - so do get along to them if you can...

And of course you'll not forget to have a look at today's instalment of 'Start Your Family Tree Week'...

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