Monday 19 December 2011

Famous Scots Blog Discontinued


Followers of prolific blogger/writer/lecturer, Chris Paton, will perhaps have already heard the news that he has discontinued his famous Scottish GENES blog. The news is not quite as dramatic as it sounds, however, as Chris has simply transferred his entire blogging effort over to his British GENES blog - and the Scots coverage will not suffer in the slightest. Get it from the horse's mouth here.

Chris's blogs have kicked up a couple of recent items which I have missed, namely, the pending change in the opening hours of the Hawick Heritage Hub, and a new project concerning the East India Company.

I keep banging on about this, but please take care with opening hours of libraries and record offices over the next couple of weeks or so. Also, of course, many repositories have the habit of changing their hours permanently with the dawning of a new year! I see that The National Archives have publicised their holiday hours here - ditto the ScotlandsPeople Centre here.

The ScotlandsPeople Centre have also published details of a Family History Talk on 25th January, and are reminding folk of their free taster sessions (plus one or two other bits of news) on their main page, here.

And returning to TNA, why not have a listen to their latest Podcast (How the Ministry of Pensions Constructed Gender in the 1950s).


And if you feel like cancelling Christmas this year, then you can take a lesson from history.

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