Friday 2 December 2011

Family History Articles Aplenty


Sometimes it just happens: a rush of new articles about our wonderful hobby. This morning I found quite a bunch of them, so I thought I'd dedicate today's post to the same ... plus a few Podcasts, too. There now, that's your day filled!

You can barely escape the early encroachment of the Festive Season in the modern age, and family history bloggers are already getting into the swing of things with various Christmassy offerings. The Ancestry blog gets us underway with a piece on 'Victorian Christmas Traditions'; and The Passionate Genealogist looks at the month of December as a whole, and examines how our ancestors approached the holiday season.

The MyHeritage blog features a lengthy post on the topic of Ellis Island.

There's some advice about how to use the various different versions of Google to conduct online genealogical searches at the GenealogyInTime website - see here.

And, of course, to keep up with the week's big history stories, then you can always stop off at BBC HistoryExtra's 'History Headlines'. Stories include the recent death of Stalin's only daughter, and the sale of Hitler's bed linen. In fact the main page of the HistoryExtra website is awash with interesting bits and pieces this week.

And here are a handful of those pesky little Podcasts to keep you away from the housework/shopping/other household duties for a little while longer:


Best mention the forthcoming TV/Radio schedule before I go... see here.

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  1. Thank you for mentioning my Twelve Months of Genealogy December post.