Monday 26 December 2011

Boxing Day Reading


In the expected absence of any major news stories breaking on the day after Christmas (with one major exception, see bottom of post), I have lined up a few articles for you to peruse, plus a link to a 90-minute video presentation which may have passed you by last week...

Let's start, in fact, with the video. It's a recording of a presentation given by the famous Dick Eastman to the Massachusetts SoG entitled 'The Family History World in 10 Years Time'. The quality of the video is not especially good, but the subject matter is interesting none the less. It's only available online until 14th January - click here, then scroll down a little bit, make a note of the password and follow the link.

Some of the subject matter of the above presentation is also covered in a recent post by Dick on his well-known blog. It concerns the much anticipated FamilySearch project to convert their entire microfilm stock to digital images (which will then be made available worldwide free of charge!) - read Mr Eastman's take on the issue here.

From the digital environment to the old-fashioned world of books (remember them?), and an insight into the art of bookbinding - see this article on the National Library of Ireland blog.

The Genealogy Paradigm Shift: Are bloggers the new "experts"? seems to have sparked a fair bit of debate in the family history world, with spin-off blog posts and articles across the Internet. I certainly do not consider myself an 'expert' by any stretch of the imagination, but rather a disseminator of information. End of.


Don't forget, too, that Boxing Day is the official launch date of 'Start Your Family Tree Week'. Click below for further information...

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