Thursday 16 August 2012

Special Post - 1911 Census FREE

This can't wait till Friday, so here it is: free access to the 1911 Census for England & Wales from Ancestry until, it seems, 2nd November! Here's the official blurb...

If you could only search one record collection before becoming an member, which one would it be? Most of you would choose the 1911 Census – which is why we’ve made it completely free for a limited time! 
The 1911 Census is the largest and most recent of the available England & Wales census collections – and the perfect place to start discovering your family’s past. Like all UK censuses it reveals your relatives’ addresses, occupations and addresses, but it also includes extra information like how long couples had been married and how many children they’d had. 
Plus, each household has its own page in the census, written in your ancestors’ original handwriting. We’ve created a special interactive viewer to bring these records to life like never before.  
Most of you will have grandparents or even parents that were alive in 1911, so try searching for them first. Just type in a name, have a guess at where they lived and when they were born, and see what you can discover.

The link to the search page is here, and more info on the special interactive viewer can be found herePlease note that you will have to register for a free account - but I've had just such an account for ages, and it's no problem accessing the original 1911 returns ... I have, in fact, been looking at them all evening! The 'terms & conditions' say that they will, incredibly, be available until 2nd November - so fill yer boots. 

Good luck!

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