Thursday 14 June 2012

PoW Stuff, New Dorset Records + More

FindMyPast have released an important new military dataset, namely, WWI and WWII Prisoner of War records - see here.

Ancestry have unveiled their new 'Dorset Records' collection - a page dedicated to the English county. See the intro here, where you will find the relevant link. Seems like most of them are new record sets, and some of them existing ones. Oh, and of course you can always see what's new and what's 'updated' on Ancestry (inc. the Dorset stuff) via this link.

The National Archives website/blog have featured several items of late:

Dublin-based history freaks will be interested in this series of lunchtime lectures.

Oh, I see the 1851 Scottish Census has now popped up on the FamilySearch website. As with the recent appearance of the 1841 data, I shall refer you to Chris Paton's neat summary of the news, here. Chris also has two important items re. Scottish Monumental Inscriptions website update, and Trinity College Dublin's new archive projects

The problem of dwindling family history society membership is looked at, briefly, by blogger John D Reid, here.

And there's more news at the BI-Gen Twitter feed.

From the excellent 'Criminal London' blog...

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