Tuesday 12 June 2012

MyHeritage Landmark + Events

A big moment for the ever-growing genea giant that is MyHeritage, as they reach the 1 billion profiles mark. Blimey.

Here's your usual Tuesday 'events listing'...

Those of you keeping a close eye on the future of our libraries may wish to keep tabs on the 'Envisioning the Library of the Future' blog. The post for 9th June is particularly interesting.

A new website for Irish researchers has popped up at 'Irish Lives Remembered'.

Many of you may find this post from Nicola Elsom useful re. utilising the DeceasedOnline website.

The Passionate Genealogist's weekly 'recommendations' post is always worth a look - with an honourable mention for the BI-Gen Blog (thanks!).

There has been quite a lot of comment lately about the blogging world and genealogy. The debate is neatly summed up by a post on the Geniaus blog. If you're a blogger or enjoy following blogs then I would urge you to click through to the two major links contained in the Geniaus post. Interesting stuff ... and it knocks us bloggers down a peg or two!

Having a look round some of the other genea blogs, I came across a pretty neat post about the 'generational divide' of our hobby. Is it real or imagined? As a 47-year-old, I'm kinda caught in the middle. Check out Elyse Doerflinger's thoughts here.

More news, etc., available via the BI-Gen Twitter feed.

The 'good' old days...

One and forty years
In wedlock we have been;
Ten children we have had,
But one is to be seen.

Epitaph from Preston Churchyard, near Weymouth.

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