Tuesday 19 June 2012

Forthcoming Genealogy Events + Other News

Forthcoming events of interest to the genealogist:

Good to see the 'Public Libraries News Blog' back after a short break. Do have a look at its recent postings, which include substantial 'news catch-up' posts, more on the 'volunteers-in-libraries' debate and the usual appeals to those in power to get themselves sorted re. the future of our libraries.  

Chris Paton's blog post, here, is the best place to go for a nice overview of the ground-breaking new 'Hub' system of research facilities being launched in Scotland. Brilliant.

Chris also has news of a possible UK 'genealogy cruise'!

There have been a couple of updates to the Origins.net website concerning...
  • Somerset Medieval Wills Abstracts, 1385-1558;
  • New Origins.net Image Viewer.

Family historians will be keen, I am sure, to sign this e-petition.

Oh, and here's a history crossword for you to labour over.

One last thing. If you read my short piece on "Our Ancestors' Secret History" on Saturday, you may wish to examine some of the fall-out from the TV programme in question (start here). I must admit that I had a slightly uneasy feeling that the programme was a little biased against the developers and overly 'in favour' of certain families, but I had no idea it would all kick off like this! The main thrust of the argument presented in my article still applies, though.

More stuff available via the BI-Gen Twitter feed.

Oh, not another bungled hanging story... (thanks to @History_Hub on Twitter)

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