Thursday 13 October 2011

Family History on TV


I mentioned this a while back, but now it is almost upon us - that is, the next major genealogical TV event here in the UK! It's called Find My Past, and it begins on the Yesterday TV channel at 9pm on Thursday 20th October. You can read the sponsor's intro about it here, where you will find a link to a series summary to prepare you for the events ahead.

As one TV show prepares to launch, another has concluded with the screening yesterday evening of the last in the current series of Who Do You Think You Are? More information on the final instalment can be found here, and you can vote on your favourite episode here.

And whilst we're at it, here are a few forthcoming TV & Radio programmes for you.


Your Family Tree Magazine's website has enjoyed a burst of activity. First of all, there are details of their most recent issue (which came out a couple of days ago); then there are instructions on how to get hold of the digital version for iPhone/iPad; plus, there's a free downloads page, a Xmas Gift offer and a tie-in offer with a well-known storage company. Wow!

Chris Paton has brought our attention to an important ePetition about the future of libraries, which you should all now sign immediately.

Those of you who utilise batch numbers when fiddling about with the FamilySearch website may wish to read this announcement from the website in question.

And Eastbourne Reference Library have asked me to publicise the following appeal:

The Belgian Refugee Project
After a spate of recent enquiries about Belgian Refugees in Eastbourne between 1914–1919, Reference Library staff have had their interest piqued. We’re now hoping to put together a folder of information about these people and their experiences. So if your parents or grandparents were among those who took some of the refugees in and they passed their story on to you, or if you happen to have any information, please let a member of staff in the Reference Library know. (see the contact details below)

As it happens, the latest newsletter from the same library contains a number of useful items for locals - if you would like to view a copy then you can contact them via the following email address:


A rather entertaining little item has appeared on the National Library of Ireland blog about the media's reporting of gruesome murders over the years.

And the MyHeritage blog offers Five Tips to Preserve & Store Documents.

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