Friday 8 July 2011

Born on 10th May 1946?


Were you born on 10th May 1946?  If so, you could be the star of a forthcoming TV programme!  ITV1 are putting together a show looking at the varying personal histories of a group of individuals born on the exact same day - social history in the main, it seems.  See the announcement on Ancestry.

Whilst we're talking about the telly, see the week's forthcoming TV & Radio schedule here.


Those of you with interests in Continental Europe should always keep an eye on the Europeana and Europeana Libraries websites.  It's still early days in the development of both projects, but I noticed a couple of items on the 'Libraries' website concerning a recent major conference in Barcelona and a nice video featuring some of the items the organisation hopes to bring to greater prominence through the co-operative efforts of all concerned.  With funding problems being as they are at the moment, let's hope the financial plug isn't pulled on this one.

Many of you will be interested, I'm sure, in tagging onto ScotlandsPeople's Twitter feed.  It's not fully up-and-running yet, but you may wish to bookmark the link (thanks to Chris Paton).

Many of you are fans of the US-based GeneaBloggers website/blog.  Well, you can now show your appreciation of the same by taking advantage of its new 'Donate' Paypal button.  I've got a 'Donate' button, too, you know - right-hand column of this page, if you're interested.  Don't all rush at once.


A delightful little piece by Audrey Collins entitled 'Work in the Workhouse' is featured on her 'Family Recorder' blog.

Worried about being overwhelmed by modern-day technology?  Then you're not alone - see this article at MyHeritage.

And there's another excellent collection of 'History Headlines' from the BBC, here.

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