Monday 27 June 2011

Scots Meet


With his usual efficiency concerning all things Scottish, blogger Chris Paton gives us an excellent overview of Saturday's SAFHS Conference.  There's lots to take in, so gird your loins and dive in here.  Note that the news is not exclusively Scottish - I noted some especially useful general info for researchers of Catholic ancestry in there.

The Irish Genealogy News blog reports on some recent discussions in their national parliament of interest to family historians, here.

A touch more Irish news can be found here - being records concerning Applications from Evicted Tenants (1907) which are now available at FindMyPast Ireland.

John Reid flags the availability of new Cornish parish records on the FamilySearch site, here.  And via one of his other blogs, John provides a short interview with TNA's Audrey Collins on the subject of London's curious Fleet Registers.

Many of you will be familiar with the Black Sheep Index - if not, then why not have a look?  Derek Wilcox has been in touch to inform me that the website has been updated on 25th June - the major change being the creation of separate Scots, Irish and Overseas indexes.  The Irish Index holds over 12,000 reports from all over Ireland dating back to the 17th century (there are also numerous Irish reports in the Minor reports index as well).  Why not give it a whirl?

And finally, there's been another batch of government files released by TNA - see here.


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