Tuesday 21 May 2013

Genealogy News - 21st May

As is prone to happen from time to time, we have a distinct lull in genealogy-related news at the moment. But here goes anyway...

We'll begin with blogger Claire Santry and her further observations re. the release of the 1926 Irish Census.

The latest GOONS Newsflash is now available.

Here's news of a DNA project for Caithness and Sutherland (thanks to @DebbieKennett on Twitter).

And here are details of an Oxfordshire DNA project (related posts here and here).

There's also an interesting DNA Native Indians-in-Iceland tale here.

Chris Paton informs us of the latest news on the 'Family Tree' TV comedy show, currently airing in the US and due 'over here' in July.

Now available: the latest Offaly History newsletter.

Christine Woodcock points to a couple of avenues for those of us with Scottish rural ancestors.

As for Northern Ireland (and its GRO records), take a look at this post from Chris Paton. And here's some new material for County Down.

Forthcoming events (not a great deal happening!):

And don't forget about the BI-Gen Twitter feed.

Way too complicated...

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