Monday 6 February 2012

RootsTech Fall-Out

If, like me, you're nowhere near Salt Lake City's RootsTech Conference, then you may be interested to get a flavour of what's been going on via a couple of prominent British visitors to the show. Nick Barratt gives an interesting insight into his experience via The Family History Show's blog (and scroll down a bit); and Audrey Collins gives her take on proceedings at The Family Recorder blog. There are countless other accounts, too, of course!

Other major news from the weekend concerns FindMyPast and their new Lincolnshire marriage records, which cover 1699-1838 and include some 76,000 names. Check them out here.

The National Archives provide interesting archival insight into a couple of recent TV shows - namely, The Crusades and Bullets, Boots & Bandages.

There's an excellent article looking at the genealogy of Isambard Kingdom Brunel at Ros Bott's website, here.

More articles - a right old mixture of subject matter - can be found at the Two Nerdy History Girls blog's weekly round-up.

And of course there's the weekly dose of 'History Headlines' from the BBC. Oh, and the BBC's latest history podcast is also available (military logistics, and the role of homosexuals in WWII).

Always happy to pass on a book recommendation - check out Island of Wings as flagged by Christine Woodcock.

Finally, an interesting little statistical piece about the living v. the dead - follow the link from John D.Reid's blog post.

From Twitter:

The Genealogist - UK census, BMDs and more online

More from the unofficial 1816 Census of Rothbury, Northumberland, and its grumpy old clergyman...

Robert Ramsey, aged 62, is nephew to Hall who left the sum of £120 to the school at Caiston. He has freehold property worth £120 per annum which George Storey rents off him, but, of this, £70 per annum are appropriated to the liquidation of his debits. He has a wife and six daughters, all grown up, all unmarried, and all doing nothing, the eldest about 30. The house is as dirty as the inhabitants are idle. They have 2 Bibles but no Prayer book, though they are frequently at Church.

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