Saturday 14 May 2011

Web Search


Ancestry has launched a new search service for its users which looks pretty nifty.  Furthermore, it appears to be available to non-registered users of their website, too.  It's called Web Search, and basically involves the searching of non-Ancestry records whenever you look for something on their site.  In other words, you search for something in the normal way, you get your list of results, and among them you will have both Ancestry returns and non-Ancestry returns.  Early days yet, though, as not many 'outsider' websites have been incorporated into the Web Search 'engine', but it seems like a pretty useful facility.  Read all about it here.

Deceased Online is soon to announce the release of a new raft of records pertaining to the SW of England. Registered users of the site will learn all about it soon by way of a direct bulletin, but essentially the 54,000 new entries cover 11 cemeteries in Wiltshire, Dorset and Devon.  The Wilts details can be found here, and the burial grounds at Blandford Forum (Dorset), and Cullompton and Salcombe (both Devon) are also included.  Click here to check their general coverage across the whole of the UK.


The SoG blog has pointed us towards a little-known online resource, namely, the 'Lloyd’s List Marine News 1740-1837 index and images'.  Have a look at the item, here - but note that the first link in the text is dead.  It should, in fact, be .

And here's the latest batch of new genealogy blogs as flagged by GeneaBloggers.  One new site caught my eye: the curiously-named 'No Descendants' blog.  I'd never really thought about genealogists who have no one in their family to pass their research onto, and what, therefore, drives them on.  The 'thrill of the chase', I suppose!  Your comments, please...

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