Sunday 20 February 2011

Celtic News & Funny Accents


An interesting entry has been posted on The Family Recorder blog concerning developments in Irish research, more especially future digitisation projects.  It has been put together by Audrey Collins, freshly returned from the RootsTech Conference in the US.

It is not often we get a glimpse into the everyday lives of our working class ancestors from around 400 years ago, but The National Library of Wales has brought a little something to our attention concerning the apparel of women c.1600.  The posting is a little confused, but the link to the actual clothing list itself is the last link on the page (in Welsh and English!).

And a little bit of fun from The British Library's 'Evolving English' project can be found here, where you can listen to folk from around the world talking in various accents and dialects (spotted this one mentioned on the Anglo-Celtic Connections blog).

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