Tuesday 22 February 2011

Cats and Stamps


What do I mean 'Cats and Stamps'?  I'll tell you later.  First of all, the serious stuff...

Subscribers to Ancestry may wish to make use of the latest addition to the organisation's data-bank, namely, the UK's Dictionary of National Biography.  Read all about it here.  Non-subscribers can register for a free account and search the index, but that's about all.

The latest TNA Podcast can be found here.  It's entitled 'Follow That Lead: from census entry to Google Maps', and advises the listener how to find out more about family properties using both traditional and modern-day on-line resources.

There's been a sizeable addition of some 40,000+ entries from various Yorkshire PRs to the FindMyPast website (primarily the Wakefield area) - find out more here.

OK, time for the Cats.

And, of course, the Stamps.


1797:  Last invasion of Britain takes place when 1,400 Frenchmen land at Fishguard, Wales - and were rounded up within a couple of days and imprisoned;
1997:  Dolly the sheep cloned.

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