Sunday, 30 January 2011



Whether you're off to the forthcoming Who Do You Think You Are? Live 2011 event next month or not, you can't seem to avoid news about it at the moment.  I should imagine the latest issue of the WDYTYA? magazine (just out) will be giving it a good airing - and I understand they have an event guide as a pull-out, too (the 'free' CD also includes plenty of interest to those of you with East Yorkshire interests).  The Wandering Genealogist also has some tips for the event - see his entries of 21st & 28th January.

The latest edition of S&N Genealogy's E-Newsletter also has plenty to say about the coming event - but there are a good few other bits and pieces worth taking in, too, so give it a glance.


OK, I may be a bit late with this one, but there's still some benefit to be gained by the following TV/radio guide for the week, here.


Death of...
Gandhi, aged 78, in 1948, in New Delhi.

1649:  Charles I is executed.  Twelve years to the day later, Oliver Cromwell's exhumed body is subjected to posthumous execution.
1933;  Adolf Hitler is sworn in as German Chancellor.
1965:  State funeral of Sir Winston Churchill.
1972:  'Bloody Sunday', Londonderry.  14 die as a result of the Army opening fire during a civil protest.

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