Monday 17 January 2011

Post No.1 !!

Well, I have finally decided to take the plunge.  Welcome to the very first post of my brand new British & Irish Genealogy Blog, or BI-Gen as we shall be calling it.  It may take a while to get things moving and gather support, but please stick with me and help spread the word!

OK, let's get things going...


The Irish have the honour of getting first mention, with the announcement on the Irish Genealogy News website of Spring Term (Irish) Genealogy Courses for the serious researcher (viz. they're a bit pricey)  You'll have to get your skates on, though, as some of them start soon.


The Family Recorder blog includes an interesting article on the curious topic of Victorian Mourning-Wear, which gives an interesting perspective on our ancestors' lives.

BBC History Magazine website (recently rebranded as 'HistoryExtra' and to be found at ) includes an interesting piece by Dominic Sandbrook on the introduction, 100 years ago, of payment for MPs.

And take a look at this BBC article on a mickey-taking Nazi-saluting canine.


Birth of...
David Lloyd George, British PM 1916-22, on 17th January 1863 ... in Manchester!

17th January 1983 - BBC's Breakfast Time hits our TVs, hosted by Frank Bough & Selina Scott.

17th January 1991 - The Gulf War's 'Operation Desert Storm' begins in earnest with the first US air strikes on Iraq and Iraqi-occupied Kuwait.

Saint's Day ... St.Anthony the Great, patron saint of basket-makers, brush-makers, gravediggers and, er, pigs and swineherds.  He was supposedly famed for his treatment of skin diseases by the application of pig-fat - hence his association with all things piggy.

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