Saturday 20 July 2013

Genealogy News - 20th July

Welcome to the first of my once-per-week Saturday news posts from the world of genealogy. Yeah, I know, it looks like I'm getting a bit lazy in this balmy summer weather ... and there's a bit of truth in that, too, with several personal commitments looming up in the coming months which are gonna leave less time to do stuff like this. Fear not, though, as there will be no let-up in the amount of news I bring you - it's just that you can now read it all in one go every weekend!

Off we go then...

Where better to begin than with the ever-excellent mid-July issue of the Lost Cousins Newsletter.

British Telecom records have gone online - and they're free. See the report here.

I see that The National Archives & FindMyPast are getting together to digitise WWI RAF & RFC Service Records - around 360,000 entries in all. Chris Paton has the full text of the announcement here.

Dublin's GRO Research Room is set to move in August - a decision considered a strange one by most of us. Full story here.

Wondering why the British Newspaper Archive website hasn't had much to report on lately? John D Reid has spotted the problem.

New issue of Your Family Tree.

Check out the Manchester Catholic Register Index.

Welsh researchers may wish to have a quick glance at this piece of news.

Chris Paton reports on a little development at FindMyPast and recent UK Electoral Registers. The very same blog also carries an interesting snippet re. Scottish Window Tax records.

The latest TNA Podcasts offer a variety of historical listening.

Those of you who are deeply interested in the archives sector in England may wish to read this report from TNA.

What did you all make of the new BBC comedy show, 'Family Tree'? Most commentators seem to be reserving judgement or have responded rather coolly to the first episode, but I loved it! Have a look for yourself here.

As for TV-related news, well, don't forget about WDYTYA? starting next week.

And as for the BBC HistoryExtra website...

Remember that despite the slight let-up in the frequency of my posts, you can still find daily genealogy news updates at the BI-Gen Twitter feed.

Here's a strange one from the Far East...

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