Tuesday 29 January 2013

Genealogy News - 29th January

Well, there's still not a great deal to report on during what has been a sluggish start to 2013. An important piece of news from north of the border, however, is the availability of the Scottish Valuation Rolls for 1905 - see here.

Helping to keep the genealogy world afloat, too, is the latest issue of the always excellent Lost Cousins Newsletter.

TNA blogger, Audrey Collins, looks forward to a certain rather large genealogy event next month.

Essex researchers may wish to have a look at this.

Interested in the subject of Devon wills?

Here's a global genealogy round-up from GenealogyInTime - note the very first item for the Isle of Man.

I know I've mentioned this in passing before, but the National Library of Ireland's new family history booklet has been given a special blog post, here.

The usual history round-up from the Two Nerdy History Girls is always worth a browse.

Latest TNA Podcast is here.

Forthcoming events:

Finally, I have been asked to pass on the following appeal and 'offer' from professional genealogist, Anthony Adolph, which I am delighted to do...

Are you related to President Lincoln?

To help celebrate the British launch of Steven Spielberg’s movie ‘Lincoln’ and the 204th anniversary of the president’s birth on 12 February, genealogist Anthony Adolph is working with the Illinois Office of Tourism to find British relatives of America’s most famous president.

In 1637, Samuel Lincoln, an apprentice weaver in Norwich, left his home in the obscure Norfolk village of Hingham to brave a voyage across the Atlantic. Samuel had no idea he would survive to raise a family in the new colonies of America, let alone that his great great great grandson Abraham would become one of the greatest figures in American history.

This means that if you have ancestors from Hingham or have Lincoln ancestors from the Norwich area, you could have President Lincoln in your family tree!

Illinois, the home state of Abraham Lincoln, hosts many Lincoln attractions and is a great place to visit for a truly adventurous holiday, where you can visit the house Lincoln shared with Mary Todd, the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum and the Springfield cemetery where he is buried.

If you know of a family connection with the Lincolns of Hingham, Norfolk, please contact Anthony Adolph via www.anthonyadolph.co.uk. You could be in for a trip to Illinois!

Keep in touch with the latest news over the next few days at the BI-Gen Twitter feed.

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