Tuesday 18 December 2012

Genealogy News - 18th December

A fair bit of reading to catch up on...

S&N Genealogy's latest E-Mail News (always worth a read) contains plenty of new record releases.

The December newsletter from the National Library of Ireland can be found here.

The latest newsletter from the English Diaspora Project can be accessed here.

Yet another new e-bulletin is that produced by Eneclann.

And you can catch up with worldwide genealogy news here.

As for other news...

There's been a little bit of a hiccup in that pending Ancestry.com sale (thanks to @YourFamTreemag on Twitter).

Yet more Bolton cemetery records news can be found here. And there's stuff for Scotland to be found at the same website - see relevant blog post.

Two new podcasts have popped up on the TNA website, here and here.

Here's a neat summary of Festive opening hours at the UK's major repositories.

Some Irish news from Claire Santry:

More news about the situation with the Scottish Catholic Archives.

Many of you will have heard the news about the Duchess of Cambridge's newly-discovered links to the nobility. Having given the story a quick look, it seems to me that the link is somewhat tenuous, and perhaps no stronger than any connections the rest of us might make if we looked hard enough.

The anniversary of the death of Prince Albert passed a few days ago - commemorated by a nice piece on the BNA blog.

Here's a batch of interesting history links from the Two Nerdy History Girls.

A neat little summary of the Scottish 2011 Census (thanks to @ScotlandsPeople on Twitter).

The FFHS are still encouraging folk to submit entries for their 2012 competition (you'll have to be quick!).

Don't forget this special offer from CW & S Parkinson Genealogical Storage.

Forthcoming events (not much, I'm afraid - at least that I know of)...

Please note:
Over the Festive period I shall probably issue posts less frequently due to the lack of news at this time of year. Next bulletin is likely to be Saturday 22nd December (or maybe Sunday). I will, however, keep the BI-Gen Twitter feed ticking over on an (almost) daily basis.

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